“Tending Angels” is a collection of inspiring essays about finding hope in broken places, healing in heartbreak and purpose and meaning as the gifts of love. Sherry Cothran shares her experiences from nearly a decade as the senior pastor of one of those kinds of churches Pope Francis has called “a triage hospital on the frontlines of the world’s pain.” Cothran takes us to the the “frontlines of heaven and earth” where she often felt she might be “tending angels unaware.” Caring for some of Music City’s most rejected, traumatized and abandoned people who bore the labels of homeless, refugee, immigrant and the poor, Cothran inspires readers to see the sacred face of homelessness, seek the soul’s journey and embrace the wounded healer within.

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Check out the music video below of Sherry’s original song, “Tending Angels” produced by award winning, indie film maker, Tracy Facceli, the video tells the real life story of Sherry’s encoutners with those who suffer from homelessness.