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Learning to See in the Dark

Learning to See in the Dark

We all begin in the dark. A tiny seed of life potential sewn into the body of a mother in total darkness. Somehow, remaining in this utter darkness for a period of time is a very important element in becoming what we are created to be. Jesus compares the children of...

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Jesus: He’s Not Just For Christians Anymore

Jesus: He’s Not Just For Christians Anymore

Jesus has been out in the world for a very long time, doing lots of things Christians may not even approve of very much. Alongside the mother struggling with addiction, with the young man feeling compelled to join Isis, the refugee, the immigrant, the homeless person, the rejected war veteran, the traumatized Native American. Jesus is, in fact, right there beside them, having been hung on the same cross.

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3 days ago
The Holy, Homeless Family

Occasionally I meet a holy family. This is my term for a homeless family with a baby. I call them holy because I always think of the traveling Mary and Joseph, rejected and forced outside, exposed to ... See more

"...the only home we truly have is the one that is carried in the hearts of others."

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