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Sherry Cothran is a rare combination, a kind of artistic/spiritual trifecta: a first-rate singer-songwriter, a dynamic performer, and a trained theologian. Actually, make that a quadruple gift, because she’s also a pastor who serves an urban congregation, with a special ministry to people without homes. I have enjoyed every chance I’ve had to see her in multi-talented, multi-faceted action.

Brian McLaren

Author, Speaker, Activist

Sherry Cothran’s songwriting and musicianship is exceptional.  She’s got the goods and that will be obvious to anyone who is privileged to hear her play and sing.  But what is most striking about Sherry is the depth, maturity, and theological integrity of her spiritual journey.  She is an old and profound soul drawing from the Universal wellsprings of Divine Love, Extravagant Welcome, and Radical Inclusion.  She is capable of speaking and singing to the cutting edge issues of this moment in history with gentle boldness, clarity, and artistic brilliance.  I highly recommend her music, presence, and leadership.

Bryan Sirchio

Ordained UCC Minister and Lead Designer of The Convergence Music Project, Convergence Music Project

Cothran revisits the women of the Old Testament with the intellectual skill of a first rate biblical scholar, and with the artistic and poetic insights of an outstanding songwriter. Her work is poetic, smart, devotional, and grounded deeply in her own faith and practice as a Christian minister.  This is the best way imaginable to become immersed in these stories. After reading the biblical text, and hearing Cothran’s song and creative interpretation, we experience each story woven into the fabric of our lives. We are not merely taught these stories, our lives are re-scripted by them and the truths they so vividly express.

John S. McClure

Charles G. Finney Professor of Preaching and Worship, Vanderbilt Divinity School, Author