Prophets, Harlots, Witches & Warriors: Untamed Women of the Old Testament & You

This workshop explores the stories of the untamed women who live in the unexplored, wild spaces of Bible. We discover the hidden places in our own stories and become more alive to imagining faith in the 21st century as we uncover the hidden stories of women who served God in powerful ways, though we know very little about them.

 In the wild space of Bible, we find women serving as warriors, military strategists, Divinely appointed leaders, judges, prophets, martyrs and healers. 

As we uncover their stories, we find new pathways of healing for our own lives, renew courage to live out our faith in daring ways, and discover that there is more to the Bible than meets the eye, the ear and the heart. This workshop helps us to re-think what we think we know about Bible and gives us a fresh perspective on ancient tradition.

Sherry’s companion CD, “Sunalnd,” eight original songs based on the stories of eight women from the Old Testament, along with the Bible stories, are the basis for this creative immersion into Bible.

This workshop can be done in a half day, whole day, or over the course of Friday/Saturday with a concert.

Hundreds of Ways to Kneel & Kiss the Ground

The bedrock of Christianity is the Wisdom Tradition. Yet we know so little about it. From the Gospel of John to lesser known texts from Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes, this workshop takes a close up look at some of the most foundational material of the very being and work of Christ.

This workshop explores the themes found in the Wisdom Tradition of the Bible such as the creation of order out of chaos; the partnership of faith and the natural world; God and human suffering; meaning, purpose and learning to live in peace in the midst of uncertainty. Wisdom sages have been writing about these topics for millenia.

Sherry’s companion CD, “Kiss the Ground,” funded by the Louisville Institute, explores Wisdom texts from Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Egyptain and Native American traditions and puts them in conversation.  Creating pathways of peace with people of difference through the shared tradition of Wisdom.

Get information on booking Sherry Cothran for a workshop by filling out the form below. We will be in touch within 24 hours to answer your questions. Or simply call, 629-888-3603 for information.

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The Holy, Homeless Family

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